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  • Teatro y ficción: ensaios de teoría – José Luis Garcia Barrientos
    792.01 G165t
  • Simulations of God: the science of belief – John C., Lilly
    231.044 L628s
  • Scientific writing and communication: papers, proposals, and presentations – Angelika H. Hofmann
    001.42 H677s 3.ed.
  • Observational cinema: anthropology, film, and the exploration of social life – Anna Grimshaw
    305.8 G884o
  • Los materiales de pintura y su empleo en el arte – Max Doerner
    751 D674m 6.ed.
  • The makers of modern dance in Germany: Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, Kurt Jooss – Isa Partsch-Bergsohn
    792.80943092 P259m
  • High techné: art and technology from the machine aesthetic to the posthuman – R.L. Rutsky
    701.05 R937h
  • The deep self: consciousness exploration in the isolation tank – John C. Lilly
    126 L628d
  • Elegy for theory – D. N. Rodowick
    791.4301 R618e
  • The color revolution – Regina Lee Blaszczyk
    752 B613c
  • Cinema and colour: the saturated image – Paul Coates
    791.43 C632c
  • Chromophobia – David Batchelor
    701.85 B314c