The Undergraduate Course of Dance at Unicamp has been establishing itself as a space of creation, reflection and artistic diffusion, allowing the students to have direct contact with the dance scene today, through the presence of guests – artists, researchers and educators – recognized nationally and internationally. These activities contribute to future professionals, putting them in contact with new theories, methodologies and practical investigations, creation and education.

Besides the initiatives of the department, the Rectory of Unicamp promotes annually the Program Artist-Resident, aiming to offer to the University’s community the possibility to work with artists of merit in different areas – literature, dance, music, theater, fine arts, visual arts, graphic arts, among others – trough a temporary stay on campus. Brought back in 2006 after 10 years of interruption, the program received in the department of dance the Brazilian artists Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni (2006) and Luís Ferron (2015), and the Italian artist Teresa Ranieri (2012).

Among the professionals that have been part of the course in the last 10 years are:

  • Abigail Hampton Levine
  • Alehandro Ahmed
  • Armando Duarte
  • Denise Namura
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Jovair Longo Junior
  • Key Sawao e Ricardo Iazzeta
  • Lori Louise Belilove
  • Luís Ferron
  • Luiz Arrieta
  • Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni
  • Marcos Moraes
  • Maria Mommenshon
  • Marika Gidali
  • Nada Diachenko
  • Ralf Winfried Jaroschinski
  • Roger Naji El Khouri
  • Sandro Borelli
  • Sayonara Sousa Pereira
  • Teresa Ranieri
  • Wendy Perron
  • Zélia Monteiro