Final Licentiate Project

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The Final project (TCC) pertaining to a teacher´s degree is part of the last two semesters of the Dance Course. Its main purpose is to allow the students to articulate between the theoretical and practical knowledge, acquired during the classes and in supervised internships as part of the course. The TCC is done by way of a project in art-education research, and considers the pedagogies and methodological developments in teaching practices in dance today, contextualizing them through historical, social, cultural, educational, aesthetic, artistic and ethical dimensions.

During this stage of the course, the student is encouraged to review and systematize knowledge and learning by relating their academic experiences with their experiences in different educational contexts of art / dance. In the supervision that occurs in the classroom work, we try to provide means in which the student matures as an artist-teacher-researcher so they can act efficiently in teaching dance in formal or non-formal educational situations (dance schools and other establishments). This final thematic project should articulate creation in dance process, technique preparation, performing, critical reflection, methodological and pedagogical process of research in dance.

In the period of 2010 to 2015, approximately 45 Final Report of Licentiate were produced.