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Performing Arts Graduate Program
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The Performing Arts Graduate Program has as objective the formation of qualified professionals to work in the research field and in teaching related to the performance arts, which can be drama, dance and performance, in dialogue or not with other artistic languages, promoting the diffusion of knowledge by it’s researches’ collaboration with some specialized journals, scientific events and, related to the extension and socialization of the knowledge, public exhibitions of the spectacles and performances that result from the researches.

Among the relevant aspects that characterize the Performing Arts Graduate Program/UNICAMP, it is important to emphasize the relation between theory and practice. This relation is seen like an axis from the Program when it is recognized as a place that is producer of questionings and problems that are widely discussed in the scenario of Performance Arts in Brazil, and that remains in full elaboration process. In set with the relation between theory and practice, it is important to emphasize the central importance of the proposals experiences in different levels by philosophers, researches from the different areas and the artist-researches that work as generators of discussions that helps to materialize singularities that permeate the scenic phenomenas. These characteristics reflect in the researches that are being developed by the students from the Masters and PhD courses of the Performing Arts Graduate Program/UNICAMP under the orientation of teachers. We usually have a double final product: a dance spectacle, drama and/or performance, with a dissertation or thesis submitted to the public defense by a committees of specialized professionals.

Other aspect to be emphasized in the general context of the Performing Arts Graduate Program/UNICAMP is that it is based in the conception of contemporary art as a critical perspective of the present that propels a confrontation of dilemmas experienced in the field of the performance arts by artists of the present time. Therefore, it is necessary that the “current” is also investigated in the light of historical, regional and topological experiences, leading to the production of multiple perspectives that fuel the production of a tuned theoretical thinking with baseline and emerging issues of their own artistic practice, stimulating, thus the knowledge generated in processes of artistic creation always in close connection with the reflective, one feeding the other, without hierarchy between theory and practice.

Since 2018, the Performing Arts Graduate Program is part of the Institutional Project of Internationalization of the Unicamp by the CAPES / PRINT Program.

Major area: “Theater, Dance and Performance”

The definition of a single area of concentration bringing together dance, theater and performance rests on an conception that underlies the artistic thought of the professors of this Program since the establishment of the performing arts at Unicamp in 1985, with the creation of the undergraduate courses in dance and performing arts. Interdisciplinary in its very conception, the undergraduate courses in dance and performing arts at Unicamp has been forming, for the past 30 years, generations of artists who investigate the crossing borders of dance, theater and, more recently, performance, recognizing that this crisscross reflects an evolutionary and revolutionary movement in most of the performing arts in Brazil and other countries.

This interdisciplinarity and consistency in bringing together dance, theater and performance – as well as related fields such as martial arts, yoga, circus arts, among other body arts – led to the design of this Graduate Program entitled “Performing Arts” (in Portuguese, “Arts of the Scene”) and a single major area, so as to promote the exchange and production of knowledge in the performing arts from an artist journey out of his comfort zone.

Main Activities

  • The Performing Arts Graduate Program/UNICAMP publishes the online biannual journal Conceição/Conception, aiming to highlight the research from different post graduation institutions on artistic creation, critical reflection and work, and training of dancer, actor and performer. Last Qualis/Capes evaluation (2015) graded the journal as B1 level in the area Arts/Music. In 2016, it became part of the Web Portal of Scientific Journals of Unicamp.
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  • Every year the Performing Arts Graduate Program/UNICAMP organizes its Research Seminar “Mário Santana”, enhancing dialogue between its several work groups and general academic community. Undergraduate students from Dance and Drama courses and new students in post graduation are offered the opportunity to know the different research groups within the Program and their ongoing work.
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  • Every two years, the Performing Arts Graduate Program/UNICAMP also organizes the international event “Rethinking Contemporary Myths” in partnership with the LUME/Theatre, whose main focus is to reflect on the great contemporary myths of the area of ​​the Performing Arts – people, ideas or concepts that, throughout history, have spread, transformed or unfolded in ways of making and thinking about the Performing Arts and, therefore, deserve to be reconsidered, problematized and updated. By means of various activities, the event aims to promote dialogue between Brazilian and foreign researchers regarding the theme chosen.
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Program Commission:
Profa. Dra. Silvia Maria Geraldi
Titular Members:
Profa. Dra. Holly E. Cavrell
Profa. Dra. Larissa de O. Neves Catalão
Substitute Member
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Okamoto
Student Representation:
Adnã Ionara Maria Alves (Titular)
Milena Pereira dos Santos (Substitute)
Contact: coord-ppgadc (arroba) iar (ponto) unicamp (ponto) br
Editorial Committee of  Conceição/Conception Journal:
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Okamoto e Profa. Dra. Silvia Maria Geraldi (scientific editors); Profa. Dra. Vida Midgelow (guest editor, Middlesex University/London, UK).
Contact: rconceicao (arroba) iar (ponto) unicamp (ponto) br
Permanent Commissions of Events Organization:
I- Seminário de Pesquisas do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes da Cena da Unicamp:
Profa. Dra. Raquel Scotti Hirson, Profa. Dra. Elisabeth Bauch Zimmermann, Profa. Dra. Paula Caruso Teixeira e Prof. Dr. Eduardo Okamoto.
Contact: seminarioppgadccp (arroba) googlegroups (ponto) com
II- Simpósio Internacional Repensando Mitos Contemporâneos:
Profa. Dra. Ana Cristina Colla, Profa. Dra. Silvia Maria Geraldi, Profa. Dra. Holly Cavrell, Prof. Dr. Cassiano Sydow Quilici, Profa. Dra. Veronica Fabrini Machado de Almeida, Profa. Dra. Ana Maria Rodriguez Costas, Profa. Dra. Julia Ziviane Vitiello, Profa. Dra. Gina M. Monge Aguillar.