Graduate Program in Multimedia

Graduate Program in Multimedia Studies
Program and Research Topics
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Program and Research Topics

Master’s (12 to 30 months) and Doctorate (24 to 54 months)

Within the universe of media embraced by the field of communication, the graduate program in multimedia studies covers research, teaching and extension activities in cinema and photography. With the line of research History, Esthetics and Domains of Application of Cinema and Photography, the program receives and develops research projects with the aim of exploring the history of cinema and photography and reflecting on theoretical aspects in order to analyze Brazilian and international production and issues related to its authors. We also explore the cognitive possibilities of still and moving images in processes of inquiry in the humanities. The program’s academic territory therefore extends from documentary cinema through video art to fiction as well as from documentary photography to abstract experiences. In this sense, cinema and photography cannot be analyzed merely as media but rather as diverse, unique content that can be generated, transmitted and broadcast using media and forms that are also diverse and unique (35mm, 16mm, television, digital media, movie theaters, paper, Internet, etc). The fields of cinematography and photography therefore involve exploration of their respective historical trajectories through the esthetic movements and authors that punctuate their centennial existences. Technical, heuristic and artistic aspects of the production of cinematography and photography are also examined in activities involving research and production related to communication, arts and the humanities.


Topics of Research

1. History, Esthetics and Domains of Application of Cinema and Photography


Program Comission
Prof. Dr. Alfredo Luiz Paes de Oliveira Suppia
Titular Members:
Prof. Dr. Pedro Maciel Guimarães Junior
Prof. Dr. Gilberto Alexandre Sobrinho
Student Representation:
Pedro de Araújo Nogueira Tinen (Titular)
Sofia Carolina da Silva (Substitute)
Contact: coord_ppgmm (arroba) iar (ponto) unicamp (ponto) br