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The Graduate Program in Music – Master’s and Doctorate – at the Institute of Arts at the University of Campinas (Unicamp) is a center for musical studies combining research and artistic practice in various musical genres – contemporary, experimental, popular and historical traditional music – in its theoretical, conceptual and practical dimensions.

Implemented in 2001, the program arose from the dismemberment of the Graduate Program in Arts and obtained a score of 4 on the first triennial evaluation by CAPES. It became the program with the highest number of Graduate students in music in Brazil, and the first to implement a Doctorate degree program in Music in the state of São Paulo.

Attuned to the spirit of Graduate Studies, which values the association between systematic activities of teaching and research, the Graduate Program in Music at Unicamp’s Institute of Arts has as its main objectives:

  1. To produce knowledge in the area of music, in its multiple facets, through academic research of a theoretical and/or artistic nature;

  2. To train qualified professors to engage in teaching and research in higher education within the undergraduate and graduate levels, given the growth in demand in the sector;

  3. To encourage musical creation and professional practice in the fields of artistic production and theoretical-conceptual reflection;

  4. To investing in the registration and dissemination of artistic and bibliographic production by traditional and/or technological means;

  5. To contribute to the dissemination, conservation and documentation of Brazil’s musical heritage.

Currently, our Graduate Program in Music is the best rated program of this kind among the São Paulo universities, with a score of 6 in its two courses (Masters and Doctorate), which also places among the highest rated Music programs in the country. The scope of its research topics – which include Interpretative Practices, Popular Music Studies, Creative Processes, Learning Processes, Music and Society and Sonology – and the degree of integration of our graduates in educational institutions and research centers from different locations, consolidate its relevant position in its area at regional, state, national and international levels, as well as its potential to join students and researchers from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Since 2018, the Music Graduate Program is part of the Institutional Project of Internationalization of the Unicamp by the CAPES / PRINT Program.

Program Commission:

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Zamith Almeida
Titular Members:
Profa. Dra. Adriana do Nascimento Araújo Mendes
Prof. Dr. Paulo Adriano Ronqui
Substitute Member:
Prof. Dr. Hermilson Garcia do Nascimento
Student Representatives:
Matteo Ricciardi
Contact: coord_posmusica (arroba) iar (ponto) unicamp (ponto) br