The Unicamp Arts Institute has a history of 45 years consistently dedicated to the main goal of producing knowledge from artistic practice while reflecting on this activity.

The AI ​​contributes to the education and training of great exponents of Brazilian arts and culture and is markedly present in various artistic fields in Brazil and abroad. Its many struggles have led to great achievements and successes.

Within its administrative and academic framework, the Arts Institute comprises today the Departments of Fine Arts (DAP), Performing Arts (DAC), Body Art (DACO), Music (DM), Multimedia, Media and Communication (DMM) and Film (DECINE), the Undergraduate, Graduate and Extension Coordination Boards, the Division of Support for the Production of Academic, Artistic and Cultural Research, Arts Gallery (GAIA), Library and the Interdisciplinary Laboratories. Its administrative framework comprises the Infrastructure Division, Finance Division, Information Technology Division and Human Resources Sector.

Alongside its administrative achievements, the AI has made its mark in Brazilian cultural and artistic life by offering a broad and diverse range of activities, which include, among other events, festivals dedicated to various musical genres (such as choro, instrumental music and song), academic seminars and gatherings, and courses and workshops, which feature among its free extension activities, open to the entire community. Many of these prominent events are directly related to research undertaken by faculty and members of their respective groups.

In Undergraduate Studies, the AI offers degrees in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Dance, Music and Medialogy. Its Graduate Studies, which have set a benchmark in Brazil, are also prominent internationally. The graduate programs Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music and Multimedia offer master’s degrees and doctorates to researchers, professors and other professionals, qualifying them to be critical thinkers in society.