Social Communication – Medialogy

The course, academic and vocational training and the world of work.

This professional’s instruction is focused on the study of audiovisual media: photography, film, radio and audio, television, video and new means of communication. The media are studied according to their specific characteristics and interrelationships, from the point of view of history, language, technology and other constantly modernized methods and approaches. The main interest revolves around their potentialities, uses, modes of operation and reception in contemporary, historically constituted societies.

The course offers an education based on three core areas: humanistic development and academic research, instrumental knowledge and project development.

This professional may work in the areas of photography, film, television and video and digital media. Professional training focuses on skills to create and publicize audiovisual production, practices and processes of information and communication technology and academic research. Graduates may also develop a career in the areas of cultural production and criticism.