Two lines of research previously available in the Graduate Program in Multimedia – History, Aesthetics and Documentary Film and Photography Application Areas, and Fictional Film – History and Creative Processes were unified in 2007 into a single line of research called History, Aesthetics and Film and Photography Application Areas.

The program, linked to the Department of Film (DECINE), receives and develops research projects that aim to explore the history of film and photography through theoretical reflection, with the goal of investigating national and international production as well as its authorial aspects. It also explores the cognitive possibilities of still and animated images in research processes in the humanities. The program’s academic scope, therefore, ranges from documentary film to fiction film via video art, including the field of documentary photography to abstract experiences.

Film and photography, in this sense, should not be analyzed merely as media, but as diverse and unique content capable of being generated, broadcast and disseminated through multiple and unique means and mediums (35mm, 16mm, television, digital media, movie theater, paper, internet, etc.). The fields of film and photography are therefore addressed from their respective historical trajectories and explored through the aesthetic movements and authors that mark their centenary existences. Also addressed are the technical, heuristic and artistic aspects of their practice, involving research and production activities relevant to communication, the arts and the humanities.