Postdoctoral Researcher Program

The Arts Institute Graduate Programs support researchers through the Postdoctoral Researcher Program (PPPD), which qualifies researchers in research and teaching and complies with the conditions provided in Resolution CONSU-A-003/2018 and DGRH Normative Instruction no. 04/2018. 

The Arts Institute PPPD is open to researchers with a doctorate earned in Brazil or abroad. Upon admission, postdoctoral researchers will be supervised by an accredited faculty member/researcher in one of the Graduate Programs.


Admission: Applicants will receive by e-mail an online-based registration request with an authentication key to fill out the application form. A copy of the following documents must be attached to the application, which can only be done online:

For Brazilian nationals:

I – ID document (RG);
II – Individual Taxpayers Number (CPF);
III – Proof of address;
IV – Birth, marriage or stable union certificate;
V – Copy of doctorate certificate or diploma;
VI – Lattes/CNPq curriculum;
VII – Research project;
VIII – Funding agency grant agreement.

For foreigners:

I – Passport;
II – Individual Taxpayers Number (CPF);
III – Foreigners ID document (RNE);
IV – Proof of address;
V – Proof of legal residence in Brazil;
VI – Birth or marriage certificate;
VII – Copy of doctorate certificate;
VIII – Lattes/CNPq curriculum;
IX – Research project;
X – Funding agency grant agreement.

In the case of foreign applicants who lack the document in item V, the local officer or person nominated by him/her shall be in charge of helping them obtain it with the relevant federal agencies (Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment or consulates) prior to their application, complying with all due procedures.


Postdoctoral researchers must provide proof of funding by funding agencies, universities, foundations or institutions that ensures their full-time participation in and dedication to the activities provided in the postdoctoral project.

Unicamp may grant postdoctoral fellowships to researchers under agreements with public or private institutions, according to specific regulations and subject to their approval and term.


Relevant links

Resolution CONSU-A-003/2018

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