The main goal of the Arts Institute Graduate Programs is to qualify researchers, professors and artists, fostering the advancement and spread of knowledge both within the knowledge areas involved Arts and Communication and the various transdisciplinary possibilities. All four Art Institute programs offer courses at master’s and doctoral level and support and supervise research projects in post-doctoral internships.

Link to the programs and their specific menus:

Graduate Program in Performing Arts (Area: Arts)

Graduate Program in Visual Arts (Area: Arts)

Graduate Program in Multimedia (Area: Communication)

Graduate Program in Music (Area: Arts)



Admission of regular students in the master’s and doctoral courses of the Arts Institute Graduate Programs is through application and approval in public admission processes governed by notices specific to each the Graduate Program. These notices specify application procedures, deadlines and schedules, organization of stages and exams, criteria and assessment procedures. Foreign students can apply to AI master’s and doctoral courses through these regular admission processes or notices and calls issued by institutions, funding agencies and agreements.

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