Recognition of diploma

This is the process whereby graduate diplomas and certificates issued by foreign higher education institutions are declared equivalent to titles in Brazil and must be registered for national validity.

Only diplomas and certificates of regular and recognized courses offered by Unicamp may be validated.

If the course is not offered by Unicamp, applicants should verify the existence of an equivalent course.


Applicants must fill out the diploma validation form and deliver it personally to the DAC service between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., along with the following documents, in copies that are certified or accompanied by originals.

  • copy of dissertation or thesis;
  • diploma or certificate to be validated;
  • academic transcript (syllabus completed);
  • birth or marriage certificate;
  • ID document (RG, RNE, professional ID, driver’s licence);
  • proof of payment of registration fee due after verification of documents by DAC.

For foreigners: In the absence of a Brazilian identity card, present a passport and valid visa.

While the process is being analyzed, the validation committee of the Teaching Departments may request other documents and/or translations.

Foreign documents must be authenticated by the Brazilian consular authority, except for documents from countries that have an agreement with Brazil:

  • France;
  • Argentina, foreign office authorization only.

Following application, the Teaching Department in charge of the course appoints a committee to analyze the request, whose decision must be approved by the department’s faculty council and submitted to deliberation by the Graduate Studies Main Committee (CCPG).

If the validation is approved, the DAC summons the applicant to present the original diploma accompanied by proof of payment of the registration fee, issues the apostille and forwards it to be signed by the university president and registered, remaining available to the applicant at the DAC service.

In case of rejection, the process shall be sent to DAC for filing and notification of the applicant.

Information about fees may be obtained from the General Secretariat website under Fees for Administrative Services.

For further information on validated diplomas available for collection visit the Unicamp Academic Board web page.