Admission Of Regular Students

Admission to the master’s or doctoral course in Visual Arts is through approval in a selection process. Application to the selection process is online only and applicants must mandatorily submit, together with the application form, the research proposal (online completion), proof of undergraduate degree, undergraduate transcript for master’s degree, graduate transcript for doctorate, research project, curriculum, foreign language proficiency certificate  (mandatory, 1 for master’s degree, 2 for doctorate). For research in Visual Poetics and Creation Processes, applicants must also mandatorily submit one of the following files (in support material): portfolio or video or links to work online.

The research project must comprise not only a description of the object to be investigated, the main focus of the research, but also a reflection on the current state of knowledge on the subjects addressed, with a basic bibliography review. Applicants are requested to formulate the problem in a way that justifies the relevance of the research within the university, especially in the case of a practical project, as well as its insertion within the research carried out in the chosen line. The proposed project must also include: hypotheses (optional item for master’s degree, compulsory for doctorate); goals that clearly describe what is intended with the research; methodological procedures that explain in detail the research methods and techniques to be adopted; schedule and bibliographic references written according to ABNT Brazilian Association of Technical Standards.

The Arts Institute graduate programs require proof of proficiency of one foreign language for master’s degrees and two foreign languages for doctorates.

The graduate program in Arts accepts certificates issued:

  • by CEL-UNICAMP and public universities (State and Federal);
  • by institutions listed in the admissions notice.
  • In the following languages:
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • German

Documents that certify applicants’ participation in regular courses in foreign language countries shall also be analyzed.

If said document is rejected, the applicant must present a certificate of proficiency according to this item.