Unified area and lines of research

Redefining its unified area in 2012, the master’s and doctoral course in music focuses its studies on a single area reflecting artistic practice in which performance, creation and critical study are present in all research modalities. This single area is called Music: Theory, Creation and Practice.

Lines of Research

Instrumental Studies and Musical Performance

Music research focused on interpretive practice in musical instrument, addressing repertoires from different periods, drawing on analysis tools with performative (historical and technical considerations), artistic and educational goals.


Music, Culture and Society

Music research focused on the relationships between music and society, music and history, music and culture (musicology, ethnomusicology, sociology of music, popular music studies and music applied to dramaturgy, audiovisual and media), as well as teaching processes and their relationships with means of communication and production.


Music, Language and Sonology

Music research focused on the implications of creation, development and reflection processes for music analysis, production, cognition, reception and diffusion, related to studies in sonology and musical composition.